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Soulslikes collide in Lies of P collab, but Elden Ring isn’t invited

Pinocchio is coming to feudal China in this surpise collaboration between two of 2023's hottest soulslike games, Lies of P and Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

A large mechanical boss from Lies of P with extendable arms smashing the ground with its long, right rarm

Lies of P isn’t out for another few months, but this highly anticipated RPG game is already taking the soulslike community by storm with its Bloodborne-esque aesthetic and hard-as-nails combat. Now, Lies of P is looking to build its pre-launch hype that bit more by announcing a soulslike collab for the ages – but, sadly, Elden Ring isn’t invited.

Yes, Lies of P is set to join forces with Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, which launched back in March to solid reviews. While the post announcing the collab is incredibly light on details, we’re already wondering what form this crossover might take. Will we see a clash between two vastly different time periods and historical locations? Italy’s own Pinocchio in feudal China? More details are coming “sooooon,” according to the Twitter announcement.

The title screen image from Lies of P beside Wo Long Dynasty's to show their collaboration

Game collaborations often make for good fun, and they’ve been a rarity within the soulslike genre so far. I look forward to seeing how the event plays out and whether or not it’ll extend beyond cosmetics.

The recently released Lies of P demo hit over one million downloads within around a week and reached over 170,000 peak viewers on Twitch, which is pretty good going. We gave it a go and came away with mixed feelings. Wo Long also proved decently popular, with the game seeing over a million copies sold within its first month. Our Wo Long Fallen Dynasty review praised its “intensely fun combat mechanics” but wasn’t quite so fond of the “jarring difficulty spikes and by-the-numbers music and sound.”

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