Lost Ark Powerpass – what is it and how do you use it

Everything you need to know about the Lost Ark Powerpass - what it is, how you get one, and how you use it to level up characters quick

So you want to know about the Lost Ark Power Pass? Alt characters are an understated facet of MMO games. In Lost Ark’s case it’s almost expected that you have many alts to feed resources into a few core characters, especially if you’re trying to farm currency like Lost Ark gold and silver.

But even if you want to have more than one main character – perhaps there are a few Lost Ark classes that catch your eye – levelling each one to the max level can be a pain. Thankfully, the developers of this highly anticipated game understand this and are here to give you a boost – the Power Pass.

This handy consumable lets you level another new character from level 10 to level 50 rapidly through what is called an ‘Adventurers’ Path’ quest, which is a condensed version of the typical journey a player would go through. It guides your alt-character through the key beats of your class progression so that you don’t end up with a new max-level character that you don’t understand how to use. But how do you get one of these coveted boosts? Here’s everything you need to know about the Lost Ark Power Pass.

How to get a PowerPass in Lost Ark

Getting your first Power Pass is simple, but not exactly easy. Getting your second is both simple and easy, and getting your third is impossible because each player is limited to two Power Passes per account – for now.

In order to get your first Power Pass, you need to complete Ealyn’s quests in Vern Castle. You’ll encounter the Ealyn’s Gift quest chain around level 50. You can check out our guide on how to level up quickly in Lost Ark if you want some help getting to this point.

To unlock the Power Pass, you must complete the entire North Vern main quest. A Power Pass token will then be sent to you via the in-game mail system. When you use that token (and you don’t have to use it right away), a second Power Pass token will be sent to you via in-game mail.

Some characters in Lost Ark you could level with a powerpass

How to use the Lost Ark PowerPass

Using the Power Pass is also relatively simple. On the character selection screen, choose the character you want to boost, then click on the button at the bottom of your screen and use one of your tokens.

That character will then have to complete its own Adventurer’s Path quest for that class, and when you complete it you’ll have all the gear you need to tackle Lost Ark’s endgame content.

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And that’s all there is to know about the Lost Ark Power Pass! It’s possible new ways of getting passes will be introduced after release but for now you’ll have to settle for what you get. If you’re looking to make a new character to use the pass on, make sure to keep on top of the current state of Lost Ark’s servers.