Lost Ark’s player count doubles one month after the worldwide launch

Lost Ark's worldwide release has doubled the player count alongside the original Korean version

A ship in Lost Ark

Just over two years after its original launch in Korea, Lost Ark went worldwide this February courtesy of Amazon Games, and it looks like the global launch has been a resounding success. The devs have announced in a press release that the game has now exceeded 20 million users across the worldwide versions of the game.

Lost Ark crossed the 20 million global player mark as of March 7. The devs say that 10 million of those players come from the newly-added regions of North America, Europe, South America, and Australia. 4.7 million new players joined the game in the first three days after the Western launch alone.

The MMO’s player counts were already setting records with the concurrent player numbers we can see publicly on Steam. It’s the fifth game on Steam to reach over 1 million concurrent players, and has the second-highest peak player count in the platform’s history. It’s also holding onto players remarkably well, and is still regularly hitting daily peaks over 800k.

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