Lost Ark maintenance makes up for queue times with reward extensions

The next round of Lost Ark maintenance may not include the new June update, but it does give you a chance to make up for lost time

The Lost Ark maintenance for June 16 is shaping up to be a round of general fixes and not the long-awaited June update, but seeing as there’s not actually much June left to go, it does at least give us a fairly solid idea of when to expect the next infusion of classes, raids, and more. Smilegate posted a brief update on the MMO game‘s official forums outlining what to expect and what’s coming to the game once the servers go back online. The latest scheduled maintenance for Lost Ark begins June 16 at 3 a.m. EST/12 a.m. PST/8 a.m. BST and will last for four hours.

Along with the usual bug fixes and cleanup, the maintenance will include a new five-day track of login rewards to give extra time for people to claim their login rewards after lengthy queues kept players out of the game again. The Wild Wings Island event will last an additional week, and the item expiration dates associated with the event are getting a week-long extension as well.

Most fans think that means the big June update will release the week of June 22 as a result. Whenever it does launch, Lost Ark’s June update is set to introduce quite a bit of new material to the game. Smilegate’s summer roadmap described the developers’ hopes of adding new classes to the game at a regular cadence, and while there’s no new class coming in June, there are plenty of challenges to sink into.

Two new raids are at the top of the list. The Vykas Legion Raid is one of them. It’s the second Legion Raid in Lost Ark, a team activity that pits players against a mighty Legion Commander. The second new raid is the Kungelanium Guardian Raid, adding a giant frost monster to the lineup of Level 6 Guardians that you can tackle alone or in a party.

Finally is Thronespire, a single-player dungeon with 50 floors of challenges to complete. Unlike the other two single-player dungeons, the goal in this one is making it as far as you can. Clearing the first 25 levels earns you a suite of rewards, and the goal for the second set of 25 stages is clearing them as quickly as you can for prestige’s sake.

You have a set time in which you need to complete each floor, so make sure you’re using the best classes, including the Berserker, Bard, and Glaivier, the most recent class added in the game.