A new Lost Ark advanced class will arrive every 2 months this year

Lost Ark will add a new advanced class to the western edition of the game every two months for the remainder of 2022, Amazon Games has revealed

Lost Ark advanced classes: The Arcanist wears a checkered cape and black crowns, and her abilities are tied to a magical deck of cards

Popular MMORPG Lost Ark will add new advanced classes at a rate of one every two months for the rest of the year, Amazon Games has revealed in a new update. While the original Korean version of Lost Ark has had three years to add expansions and additional classes, the Western version has only been available for a few months, and that’s prompted Amazon Games and original developer Smilegate RPG to do some thinking about how to bring the two versions to feature parity.

Lost Ark advanced classes are a hotly discussed topic for players, who are eager to get their hands on the abilities and kits available in the Korean version of the MMO. Amazon Games says it plans to release new advanced classes into the Western edition of Lost Ark alongside new content drops with which those classes make the most sense – that’s why the Destroyer advanced class arrived alongside the Valtan Legion Raid, where it can put its handy stagger abilities to work.

Amazon Games also explains that it’s trying to avoid launching new classes immediately ahead of major reworks, in order to prevent some frustration on the part of players trying to learn the new class as soon as it’s available.

“We are planning to release one new Advanced Class every two months for the rest of 2022,” Amazon Games says. “We’ve worked with Smilegate RPG to carefully plan out this schedule, which is a much faster cadence than other regions as we catch up.”

The studio says it’s working to time out the release roadmap for the rest of the year in a way that keeps players coming into and back to Lost Ark, and having new content to play along with new advanced classes to try out will “help support the long-term health of the game.”

Amazon Games also says it’s also working with Smilegate RPG to develop new in-game events and other features that allow players to quickly advance in new Lost Ark classes once they arrive.

The next Lost Ark advanced class we’ll see is the arcanist, a mage subclass whose abilities are based on a powerful deck of magic cards. The arcanist advanced class will be arriving in July, along with Inferno Difficulty for the Valtan Legion Raid and Challenge Abyssal Dungeons.