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Life is Strange dev reveals its next IP, Lost Records

A new adventure begins with Lost Records: Bloom and Rage, which centers on a group of teenage friends during an idyllic summer in 1995.

The developer behind the hit Life is Strange series has revealed its next game, and it’s a nostalgia-packed trip back to the 1990s. This is a whole new IP for Don’t Nod, and the debut game in the series is called Lost Records Bloom and Rage.

In Lost Records Bloom and Rage, we meet four high-school friends: Swann, Nora, Autumn, and Kat. It’s the summer of 1995, and the friends spend their days together soaking in the sun, skateboarding, and playing music. Swann captures everything on her treasured handheld camcorder, and the indie game trailer below is seen through its lens:

YouTube Thumbnail

However, Don’t Nod says the friends’ summer idyll is unexpectedly cut short when “something changes the trajectory of all their lives,” leading them to part ways, never contacting each other for 27 years. Finally, they reunite “to confront the dark secrets that made them promise to never speak again.”

Lost Records: Bloom and Rage is scheduled for launch late this year, and will come out in two parts, one month apart.

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