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Madden NFL 23 PC version won’t have next-gen features

EA Sports has again opted to keep Madden NFL 23's PC edition in the last generation, and it will lack some of the headline features coming to current consoles

Madden NFL 23 PC edition: A Pittsburgh Steelers ball carrier leaps over a Baltimore Ravens defender in a crouch in Madden NFL 23.

Just as it did with last year’s edition of the American football game, EA Sports has opted to make the Madden NFL 23 PC edition a port of the last-gen console version, putting it in line with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 experiences. That means this year’s Madden game will lack some of the flashy new features EA’s been highlighting in Madden this year.

One of those is the new ‘FieldSense’ animation and physics system, which EA Sports says allows players to ‘hit anything’ and provides enhanced control over player movement and actions. FieldSense drives some of Madden NFL 23’s other new features, such as skill-based passing and 360 cuts, but those will all be missing on the PC edition of the game.

Last year, EA Sports said it was porting the Xbox One/PlayStation 4 version of Madden 22 to PC rather than the current-gen version because “the team is focused on making the best, quality experience on new consoles before looking to upgrade other platforms.” It appears that this remains the case for the 2023 edition.

FIFA 22’s PC edition was also a port of the last-gen version of the game, which prevented PC players from using the new ‘Hypermotion’ technology added that year.

“Headlined by the game changing impact of the FieldSense Gameplay System – a new foundation for consistent, ultra-realistic gameplay – only available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S versions, players will have more control in their hands at all positions in every part of Madden NFL 23,” the promotional copy reads.

We’ll have to hold out hope that EA will give PC players the latest and greatest version of its football games next year.