Magic: Legends will hold an open beta ahead of launch

You'll be able to get an early taste of Magic: Legends' Diablo-meets-deckbuilding action beginning in March

Magic: Legends is due for launch later this year, and ahead of its official release date, Perfect World will run an open beta of its deckbuilding RPG game. The open beta on PC will begin March 23, and it will be a chance for everyone to get an early crack at wielding powerful Magic: The Gathering spells in real time.

We had a chance to go hands-on with Magic: Legends at PAX East last year, and we came away impressed with how well the free-to-play MMO manages to fuse the very rules-based card mechanics of Magic: The Gathering with the fast pace of an action RPG game like Diablo or Path of Exile. The abilities you use in combat are drawn from a deck into a hand, and each time you play a spell it’s replaced with another, pulled from the deck you’ve assembled yourself. Every spell you see in the game is a card you can collect and add to your deck, and somehow this all manages to work together marvelously well.

“Over the last year, the development team has been working non-stop to bring this legendary card game to life,” said Magic: Legends executive producer Stephen Ricossa. “We want to take a moment to thank everyone who participated in our Closed Alpha tests for providing the feedback we needed to help evolve Magic: Legends into what it is today.”

Cryptic Studios has produced a new video that explains how deckbuilding in Magic: Legends works, which you can view right here:

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The developer further explains that when Magic: Legends launches, it will feature 175 spells, 50 artifacts, 165 pieces of equipment, along with four planes and five separate regions.

Head over to Arc Games to find out more about it – that’s where you’ll find the Arc client you’ll use to download and play Magic: Legends when the open beta begins. The full game is due out later in 2021.