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How to claim new areas in Manor Lords

It won’t be long before you outgrow your starting region in Manor Lords, here’s how to claim new areas so you can expand your empire.

How do you claim new areas in Manor Lords? Things start small in Manor Lords; you’ll be concentrating on feeding and clothing the handful of families under your command, and not at all concerned with activities outside your border. Soon, though, as your population count rises, and the strain on natural resources becomes unsustainable, you’ll have to start thinking about expansion.

Manor Lords is the jack-of-all-trades city building game of our dreams, and with the Manor Lords release date upon us, it’s time to pull up your boots, grab your hoe, and establish the best settlement the medieval world has ever seen. Here’s how to claim new areas in Manor Lords so you can take over every region.

Manor Lords claim new areas: a map view of a region of land, with different areas marks off by borders.

How to claim a new area in Manor Lords

To claim a new area in Manor Lords you must zoom out to the region view, click on the unclaimed region you wish to claim, and use one of the two options at the bottom of the screen. To claim a new area, you must have at least 1000 Manor Lords influence, or King’s Favor.

Once you have claimed the new area, it will take a month for the changes to come into effect. Once the area is under your control, you can build a Settler’s Camp to start construction of your next town.

It will eventually become vital that you expand your area of control on Manor Lords; your starting area will have plenty of natural resources to keep you going to a point, but eventually, you’ll need an abundance of iron and other deposits to create weapons and armor. War will find its way to your door, and you’d do best to be ready.

Now you know how to claim new areas in Manor Lords, there isn’t a force in the land that will be able to stop you from taking over. If you’re looking for more tips on making the most of your villages, we have guides on increasing your Manor Lords settlement level, and how to upgrade your Manor Lords burgage plots so your families will be happy and healthy.