Dieselpunk FPS Marauders Early Access release date arrives next week

Marauders, the squad-based dieselpunk spin on Escape from Tarkov, will enter Early Access on Steam October 3, so get your space gas masks ready

Marauders early access release date: Through a visor, a players hands can be seen reloading a vintage 1911 pistol on a space station

Marauders, the unforgiving co-op FPS game about space pirates in World War 1 gas masks, will be launching into Early Access on Steam next week, with a release date set for October 3. You’ll be playing as squads of raiders breaking into fortified space stations, grabbing whatever you can, and blasting anyone who gets in your way – normal weekend activities, in other words.

Marauders is a wild mix of influences: it’s set in an alternate history version of the 1990s, where the Great War never ended, but space travel nonetheless developed well beyond where we’ve found ourselves in our boring old timeline. Just like ours, however, the Earth of the Marauders universe is on the brink of total collapse.

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In other words, you’ve got to make your own way among the far flung stations scattered around the asteroid belt. Inside, you’ll find materials and gear that can be salvaged and crafted into better equipment and weapons. Gear is persistent, and you can use XP you’ve gained to unlock new things to craft.

You’ll also have ships to upgrade, which you can fly into dogfights with other players. These you can either build yourself or steal from other players. It’s a marauder-eat-marauder world up there.

Players who have pre-ordered Marauders can start raiding today. Everyone else has to wait until October 3.