Midnight Suns Abbey bell tower hides a legendary secret

The Marvel’s Midnight Suns Abbey is a big place, and it turns out a secret hidden in the bell tower can get you a legendary chest in the superhero strategy game

Marvel's Midnight Suns bell tower - The Caretaker, a woman with white hair in a green jacket

The Marvel’s Midnight Suns Abbey is where you’ll spend a lot of your time in the superhero strategy game. The hidden fortress is the central hub for your team’s activities, and you’ll become very familiar with its corridors as you make friends with the Midnight Suns characters by hanging out with them for a chat between missions. However, its bell tower hides a very handy secret that can be easily missed.

During your adventures, you might occasionally hear the bells ring out from the tower. You might even have heard the Caretaker mention it in passing, with a sly suggestion that the bell tower might be a good place to visit. She’s not wrong; not only is finding the secret to getting up there rather satisfying, it’ll actually grant you the opportunity to nab some very worthwhile legendary chests.

Obviously, spoilers lie ahead – if you want to uncover the secrets of the Abbey for yourself then stop reading now. The secret to getting up there actually lies in the bells themselves. When you hear them ring, you’ll be able to find a ladder that appears in the chapel and lets you climb up into the tower itself. Once up there, you should spot a legendary chest for the taking.

This secret was highlighted in a Reddit thread, with many commenters remarking that they had played the game for hours without realising the secret. Some players note that when you next hear the bell ring it signifies that the chest has been reset, meaning that you should be able to climb back up and grab some more rewards.

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