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BioWare tweets about Mass Effect, internet explodes

Mass Effect Mass Effect Mass Effect

Readers, this is the most important news you will see all week (at least judging by the internet’s reaction to it): BioWare has tweeted about Mass Effect. Yes, the famed developer has acknowledged its popular science fiction series for the first time in – let me check my notes here – for the first time in seven days, and fans of RPG games are once again melting down over the possibilities.

The tweet is just the opening few seconds of the original Mass Effect, which describes how humanity discovered the titular star-hopping technology and spread throughout space. Then there’s another minute of the iconic opening music track over top of the Mass Effect box art. The only other text is a ‘Mass Relays’ hashtag.

What’s it mean? Nothing on its own, but BioWare has been keen to repeatedly remind players that the company does, in fact, remember that it once created numerous beloved game series. The company’s been saying that more Mass Effect is coming for ages, and fans are now hungry for a Mass Effect remaster, but we still haven’t seen any concrete plans.

Inside reports suggest that a proper sequel has entered “very early development,” but don’t expect that Mass Effect 5 release date any time soon. For now, just enjoy the music.

Fans got similarly worked up with the refrain of Dragon Age Dragon Age Dragon Age, but the Dragon Age 4 release date is assuredly coming before more Mass Effect – at least the fantasy game has actually been announced.