BioWare wants to know “what you want to see in the future” for Mass Effect

Mass Effect 5? Mass Effect remasters?

It’s November 7 – N7 Day among Mass Effect fans – and that means it’s time for a serious talk about what’s next for BioWare’s big sci-fi series. It’s been 12 years since the Mako drove into our hearts, but after the ending of Mass Effect 3 and, well, basically all of Andromeda, the series has essentially been on ice, with no concrete indications that it’s thawing out.

Just a few days after teasing future Dragon Age news, BioWare’s now asking what fans want from the future of Mass Effect. “We want to hear what you love about the Mass Effect universe and what you want to see in the future,” the studio says on Twitter, “so join the discussion by using the #N7Day hashtag.”

General manager Casey Hudson adds that “we’ve been thinking a lot about where we’ve been in the Mass Effect universe, and where we want to go next.” The studio confirmed its intentions for a new Mass Effect in similar terms one year ago on N7 Day, but we haven’t heard anything solid since. Judging by the tone of today’s comments, it’ll likely still be awhile before Mass Effect 5 is upon us.

The next Dragon Age was officially confirmed at The Game Awards last year, reassuring fans that traditional BioWare RPG games would still come through even after Anthem’s online-focused world. Of course, despite surprisingly strong Anthem sales, the would-be Iron Man simulator has not endeared itself to fans either.

The Dragon Age 4 release date is potentially years away, and you should expect the next Mass Effect to come even later than that. Some fans are holding out for Mass Effect remasters, too, but we’re going to have to keep waiting to see what the future holds.