WW2 RTS Men of War 2 delayed to 2023 due to war in Ukraine

WW2 RTS game Men of War II has been delayed into next year to give developer Ukrainian developer Best Way time to implement fan feedback

WW2 RTS Men of War 2 delayed: An M26 Pershing tank in a grassy field of wildflowers, with a fighter plane in the sky in the background

The WW2 real-time strategy game Men of War II, originally due out later this year, has been delayed into 2023, the publisher has announced. Developer Best Way had been based in the Ukrainian city of Severodonetsk and was forced to relocate ahead of heavy bombardment by invading Russian forces that eventually left the city in ruins.

Best Way has now moved its staff and resumed development on Men of War II, and has even expanded its goals for the game to incorporate fan feedback and requests that came out of a series of closed testing phases.

“The development team plans to make the game bigger and better than anyone originally imagined,” publisher Fulqrum (formerly 1C Entertainment) says. “This extra development time will allow the Best Way team to add a lot of new content, such as the much-requested stand-alone campaign for the Third Reich and new missions for other factions, improve upon many gameplay features such as the dynamic campaigns, significantly upgrade the user interface, and much more.”

Combining the expanded scope for the game with the unexpected relocation of the studio, Best Way and Fulqrum decided it would be best to push the release date back to next year.

A new trailer accompanied the announcement of the delayed release window, which you can watch here:

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The Men of War series has always functioned as a more granular and moddable alternative to the Company of Heroes series, and Men of War II promises to add new units with an expanded set of specialisations, a newly enhanced graphical style, destructible environments, and advanced AI to battles set across both the Western and Eastern Fronts of World War II.

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