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Dungeons of Eternity is the best alternative to traditional DnD

Blow out your candles and pack up your dice, DnD in VR is the way forward and Dungeons of Eternity is a must play for role-playing savants.

Dungeons of Eternity

There can be no doubting the resurgence of Dungeons and Dragons over the last few years. It has once again stepped into the pop culture spotlight, and few videogames, with the exception of Baldur’s Gate 3, have managed to capitalize on this. Enter, Dungeons of Eternity.

Relying less on dice rolls and more on your own ability to swing a sword, cast a spell, or fire an arrow, Dungeons of Eternity is a VR dungeon crawler that allows for co-op multiplayer, bringing your party a level of immersion no dungeon master can offer. We’ve been lucky enough to try the game out prior to its release as part of the Meta Quest 3 release date and rest assured, it’s one of the best VR games you’ll play this year.

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While you may be confined to a network of grimy yet vibrant environments, Dungeons of Eternity does a fantastic job of keeping its gameplay fresh. Engaging combat split across ranged, magic, and melee disciplines will be a familiar concept to anyone who has played games like Skyrim, but rather than needing to roll an impossible armor check to hit a boss, you’re relying only on your competence with a sword, bow, or staff.

There is a story to connect you to the world, but it takes a complete back seat to the action-packed, moment-to-moment gameplay. The basic gameplay loop of explore, fight, loot, and upgrade is so satisfying and manages to stave off becoming a grind well into the late game.

If you happen to have three friends who own Meta Quest headsets and have a taste for adventure, there is no better experience in all of VR right now. Dungeons of Eternity is available right now on the Meta Quest store and costs $29.99 /£22.99.

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