Ghosts of Tabor is Tarkov in VR, and it already has over 500K players

Inspired by the extraction shooter trend, Tabor takes the best of Escape from Tarkov, then brings you right into the heat of battle.

Ghosts of Tabor player count

The extraction shooter genre is suited to a very specific taste, but if the popularity of Escape from Tarkov is anything to go by, then Ghosts of Tabor was always going to be a hit on Meta Quest and Steam. Now, despite only just officially graduating to the Quest Store from App Labs, it already has over 500,000 players, a simply stunning number for a VR-exclusive game.

Ghosts of Tabor will go down as one of the best Meta Quest 3 games without a doubt now that it has officially released on the store. The success of Tabor cannot be understated, with $10m earned in revenue since its early access release in March 2023, but its player count is what stands out above everything else.

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Achieving a player count of over 500,000 as a VR game is a special milestone, and it doesn’t seem like Ghosts of Tabor has any intention of slowing down. As Ghosts of Tabor is cross-platform, the fact that you’ll never struggle to find a squad is a major factor behind the game’s consistent growth, on top of its stellar hardcore shooter gameplay that’s incredibly unforgiving, but also offers an irresistible challenge.

This player count comes from the early access Steam version and the App Lab version from Meta Quest. This is set to grow as the game reaches a full release, while PSVR2 (late 2024) and Pico (Spring 2024) versions are on the way too.

A major post-launch content update is due soon, called Matka Miest Underground, which will add a completely new area to the game for no additional cost. Despite being listed as post-release, the Steam version remains in early access for now.

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If you want to try out the game on Steam, make sure you check the Ghost of Tabor system requirements before you make a purchase, or if you want to know which platform to play it on, check out the best VR headsets that you can buy in 2024.