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Save 25% on this Meta Quest 3 strap to boost battery life and comfort

The Kiwi battery head strap for Meta Quest 3 is a massive improvement when it comes to comfort, but it can also double your battery life.

Meta Quest 3 Kiwi battery strap deal

If you’re finding the Meta Quest 3 strap uncomfortable, you’re not the only one. Thankfully, there are plenty of alternatives out there, including this Kiwi Meta Quest 3 head strap, which also includes a battery pack capable of extending the battery life by up to four hours, and it can be yours for a lot less than usual thanks to a limited-time Amazon deal.

In my Meta Quest 3 review, I heaped praise upon Meta‘s latest model, naming it the best VR headset currently available, though I had to highlight major issues with comfort, especially in long sessions. Thankfully, there is an easy way to fix this without paying the over-inflated cost of the official Elite strap.

In the time since the Quest 3’s release, plenty of third-party options have been made available, and this battery head strap from Kiwi is among the best. If you’re quick, you can save $10 and grab it for just $49.99, but Amazon is also offering a further 25% off via a coupon, with this discount only showing up during checkout.

What makes designs like this Kiwi strap so much better than the default strap are many of the features shared by the official Meta Quest 3 Elite strap. It uses an adjustable dial to set the tightness of the strap, includes memory foam padding on the inside of the strap, and you also get a hidden 6400mAh battery, with a short cable present to hook it up to the headset.

It’s simple but effective and will allow for longer gaming sessions on the Quest 3, provided you can handle the extra time in VR. If you’re new to VR gaming, be sure to check out our Meta Quest 3 starter tips for more on how to acclimate yourself to the hobby.

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