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Getting started with Meta Quest 3 - tips and tricks you need to know

Got a new VR headset over the holidays? Here's everything you need to know about the Meta Quest 3 when you first start using it.

Meta Quest 3 tips and tricks

Whether you’ve been lucky enough to open up the Meta Quest 3 as a gift this holiday season or you picked one up at launch and still aren’t sure if you are getting the most out of it, I’ve got you covered.

You might consider yourself a VR expert, and that’s great, but you never know what little hints, tips, and tricks you might be missing out on that could improve your experience with one of the best VR headsets. Let me take you through everything you need to know about your new Meta Quest 3 including ways to improve your experience from day one.

Pay attention to your Facebook permissions

When setting up a new Meta Quest headset, you will be asked to create or log in with a Meta account, the same that is used for Facebook. Through this process, you want to make sure that you’re well aware of what data can be used and what permissions are in place.

One useful feature that can come from this is recommending friends based on whether or not they also use a Quest headset.

Change your boundary settings

When you’re through the setup phase and your Quest 3 is ready to rock, the first setting you should take an interest in is your boundary settings. You want to focus on either reducing or strengthening your boundary sensitivity based on the playspace you have available.

This will determine when boundary warnings will appear, and how insistent they are. Settings for the controller and headset are separate so you can tailor experience based on what you feel is most appropriate. I have these settings down to their lowest as my playspace is quite large and there’s little risk of me knocking into/over surrounding objects. If this isn’t the case for you, consider upping the sensitivity so that you get warnings sooner when you’re at risk of exceeding your playspace.

Adjust your facial interface, strap, and lens spacing

It’s easy to throw on your Meta Quest 3 and settle for the out-of-the-box settings, but you could be missing out on a far more comfortable experience in the long term.

You should play around with the facial interface, moving it through its four preset distances. After this, adjust your lens spacing, making sure there is no blur present and your eyes aren’t straining to make out any images.

Finally, the Quest strap has been a point of contention across all previous models and the 3 is no different. The standard strap, in my opinion, isn’t comfortable for long play sessions. You can try and adjust it to find the right position, but ultimately I would recommend investing in either the official elite strap or a third-party alternative. These straps can completely transform your comfort when using the Quest 3.

Don’t force long gaming sessions

Very few people will jump into VR gaming and be able to handle long sessions without a little bit of training. As soon as your body tells you it’s time to stop – with headaches, lightheadedness, nausea, or fatigue – then heed its warning and put the Quest 3 away.

Even experienced VR players sometimes struggle, but making sure you are hydrated and well-rested before starting a gaming session goes a long way to helping with the adjustment. Start with short sessions, maybe 15-20 minutes, and build up a tolerance over time, you won’t regret it.

Activate Meta Quest+

If you purchase the 128GB Quest 3, you will get one month free of Meta Quest+. For the 512GB model, you get six months free. You can activate this inside the Meta Quest store within the headset or via the app.

The subscription requires a payment method to be attached to your account and will need to be canceled so you don’t get unexpectedly charged. However, with two games being offered every month via the service, I highly recommend keeping it live if you can afford to do so as the games have been incredibly high quality so far.

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Download Asgard’s Wrath 2

While the marketing for the Meta Quest 3 has been quite clear in letting you know Asgard’s Wrath 2 is available with every Quest 3 headset (the offer expires on February 27), it’s quite easy to forget when you first put the headset on.

This fantasy RPG has an incredible amount of content – over 100 hours – and has been viewed as a great way to pass the time until Elder Scrolls 6 is released. The code to redeem it should come to your Meta email address and following the link will redeem your copy.

Keep on top of updates

With the Meta Quest 3 being so new, updates will be quite important in shaping how new features work. For instance, a recent update hid the power-off button in favor of a sleep mode. This was shortly reversed after feedback, but knowing exactly what has changed with each update helps you know what new features are coming and what bugs have been fixed.

Now that you’re all set up to enjoy your time with an incredible bit of gaming gear, the only thing I have left to do is direct you toward our list of the best Meta Quest 3 games that you can play right now.