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Hit dingers in VR as MLB Home Run Derby launches later this month

While available in the Meta App Lab, MLB Home Run Derby VR is nearning it's full launch with endless customization and online multiplayer.

MLB Home Run Derby VR

Despite being originally released on PSVR and Steam as far back as 2018, MLB Home Run Derby VR eluded a full Meta Quest store release, until now. After a long time sitting in the Meta App Lab, HRDVR is set to release on March 28, and you’ll be hitting dingers in your front room for hours on end.

Sports games don’t often feature among the best Meta Quest 3 games, but there are some strong contenders out there, and MLB Home Run Derby VR will be hoping to break through this barrier.

Blue Jays Clubhouse theme in MLB Home Run Derby VR

The core gameplay loop within MLB Home Run Derby VR is very simple. You’ll be picking one of the official MLB home fields and trying to hit as many home runs as possible within a strict time limit across a variety of game modes.

Consecutive dingers will score you a higher multiplier, and you’re ultimately chasing the highest-end score possible. Where HRDVR opens up is with its online play, allowing for you and up to seven friends to take the friendly competition online, seeing who can hit the furthest homer and who can bag the most points.

Online ranked and unranked modes are also in place, with bots present to make up for missing numbers so you’re not always waiting for a full lobby.

There is also a clubhouse aspect similar to that seen in NFL Pro Era. This means you can customize your surroundings with your favorite MLB team memorabilia, and collect accolades to go on display in your dedicated trophy room.

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