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Metal Hellsinger mod lets you pop heads to Sweet Home Alabama

A Metal Hellsinger mod lets you tear the hordes of hell asunder to classic rock song Sweet Home Alabama, adding some new tunes to Funcom's rhythm-based FPS game

Metal Hellsinger mod lets you pop heads to Sweet Home Alabama: Female demon with red sin and black horns and bat wings looks up at the camera with three eyes

Metal Hellsinger mods that allow for custom music will be added to Funcom’s rhythm-based FPS game in the near future, but one fan has gotten ahead of the curve and has already added Lynyrd Skynyrd’s classic rock anthem Sweet Home Alabama into the game.

While Metal Hellsinger already boasts an impressive cast of musical titans, some players are finding the game’s limited soundtrack a little frustrating – especially because you have to replay levels over and over again to the same songs.

Funcom have announced that custom music mod support is coming to the gore-filled rhythm game, but have simply given soon (TM) as the proposed release date.

Taking matters into their own hands like The Unknown herself, one fan has decided to mod Lynyrd Skynyrd’s iconic track Sweet Home Alabama into Metal Hellsinger, and boy, popping heads has never been so fun.

Metal Hellsinger mod lets you pop heads to Sweet Home Alabama: Female red demon with horns and bat wings shooting at demons in hell while holding a glowing skull

Showing off their mod in a brief video on Reddit, CONGOBILL writes “I’ve made a mod for Metal: Hellsinger so you can kill everyone [to] this perfect music.”

Loading into the game, they proceed to cut a path through the hordes to the country-inspired beats of Sweet Home Alabama, no doubt bobbing their head a little as they do so. You can pick up their mod here.

Sweet Home Alabama is perfect for Hellsinger, especially given that Troy Baker acts as the narrator. The whole thing has those Ghost Rider wild west on fire vibes, making Lynyrd Skynyrd’s country-inspired classic the only real choice.

They’ve also confirmed that their next endeavour will be translating iconic Swedish pop song Caramelldansen into the game, letting us early noughties scene kids live out our fandom fantasies while taking down The Red Judge. To be fair, though, considering the beat is relatively quick and remains stable, it’s going to be so much fun to play (I’m unironically listening to it as I write this, by the way).

If you haven’t ventured into the bowels of hell yet, be sure to check out our Metal Hellsinger system requirements to see if your PC has what it takes to run the game. We also interviewed Trivium’s Matt Heafy about Metal Hellsinger, so check out his thoughts.