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Forget Fallout, and get the best apocalypse FPS series for under $10

While Fallout surges in popularity, the entire Metro series is on sale right now, giving you all the post-apocalyptic FPS games for cheap.

Grab this award-winning post-apocalyptic series for less than $10: Stepan from Metro Exodus stands in front of the game's train, looking out towards whatever the future holds.

It seems like everyone is talking about the end of the world right now with the success of one post-apocalyptic series on the small screen. There’s more than one kind of apocalypse, however, and the Metro series has defined an altogether grimmer and stranger take on what happens after the end of civilization. Now, the Metro Franchise Bundle containing the entire series is on sale at GOG and you can grab it for less than $10.

The background of the Metro series hinges upon a novel by acclaimed Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky, whose book Metro 2033 received a direct adaptation into FPS game form back in 2010. This was followed up with Metro: Last Light in 2013 and Metro Exodus in 2019, each diverging more from the original novel series and moving the games in their own unique direction.

Set in the ruins of a post-apocalyptic Russia, the Metro games see you take on the role of a young survivor named Artyom as you uncover dark secrets and attempt to survive in this brutally harsh world. The first game follows the plot of the book nearly exactly as you fight and sneak through the ruins of the Moscow Metro system, encountering the remnants of humanity barely clinging onto life deep under the Earth’s surface. With a strong survival horror element, Metro 2033 is an oppressive adventure into the unknown with some spooky supernatural stuff thrown into the mix.

A screenshot from Metro Exodus that shows people just hanging about in a room filled with technology, a moment of respite in the apocalypse.

Metro: Last Light follows up on Artyom’s adventures a year down the line, this time adding a karma system which reflects your impact on the world as you pass through settlements and aid, or damn, those you meet. This time around you’re dealing with the impact of the actions you took in the previous game, with the game having a slightly more hopeful tone than the utterly bleak prior title. You even get to see some greenery this time around, a big departure from the oft-monochrome Metro 2033. Developer 4A games would later put together a remaster for the game, releasing Metro: Last Light Redux in 2015.

In Metro Exodus, Artyom finally breaks free of the tunnels that gave the series its name and heads out across Russia and Kazakhstan in search of other survivors. Travelling by train with a few companions, Metro Exodus doesn’t quite dip into open world territory but it definitely offers more freedom than the previous games. Set over a single year, Artyom and his post-apocalyptic pals experience changing seasons, meet dangerous cults, and might even uncover the truth about the world and if humanity still exists somewhere out there.

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The Metro Franchise Bundle contains the entire series, including remastered versions of the first two titles, as well as both pieces of DLC released for Metro Exodus. If you want to grab yourself this slice of post-apocalyptia for less than the price of a large lunch, head over to GOG by clicking the button below to secure your Metro adventure.

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