Microsoft Flight Simulator’s UK and Ireland World Update is out now

Buckingham Palace no longer looks like a '90s office block

The slightly delayed UK-themed World Update for Microsoft Flight Simulator has arrived. Downloadable now, the update includes a host of fixes for last year’s biggest simulation game, as well as a massive amount of fresh detail to its recreations of England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland.

You may be relieved to know that with this update, Buckingham Palace no longer looks like a nondescript office block from the 1990s, but that’s just the start. There’s a massive list of new points of interest that you can now visit in the UK and Ireland as you fly the friendly, simulated skies. London’s skyline and riverside areas have gotten some attention, but you’ll want to head out over the countryside to see some of the truly spectacular sights the British Isles have to offer.

The trailer below shows off a nice selection of them, but it’s only a few. The white Cliffs of Dover, Blarney Castle, Principality Stadium in Wales, Scotland’s Forth Bridges, Loch Leven – they all look stunning in the latest update.

See for yourself:

YouTube Thumbnail

The update (numbered notes are all available over on the official website, which also includes instructions for how to install the patch – it’s a little more complicated than letting Steam handle it for you.

Before you download the update, be sure to delete your manual cache, if you’re using that feature. You can create a new, updated version of the cache once the update has completed. Microsoft says some community packages may not have been updated yet, and recommends moving you community packages out of your community folder, then relaunching the game, if you run into any stability issues or long load-in times post-patch.

To get the update, first run the update for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Then, launch the game and head to the in-game Marketplace to download the World Update, which is free.