Midnight Ghost Hunt early access begins this spring

Ghostbusters meets Prop Hunt game Midnight Ghost Hunt early access release date is down for Spring.

Midnight Ghost Hunt early access release date is down for Spring, woooo

Midnight Ghost Hunt is a new online horror game that essentially combines Ghostbusters or Phasmophobia with Prop Hunt, where the ghosts can either hide or fight back – and now it’s taken one step closer to release, as the developer confirms Midnight Ghost Hunt is coming to early access this spring.

If there’s one new genre that multiplayer games are really embracing, it’s Prop Hunt-style “players disguised as objects” modes. Call of Duty and Fortnite have both included prop disguise modes, and even Genshin Impact has got in on the object-hunting action.

Midnight Ghost Hunt was revealed in 2019 and basically takes the popular Garry’s Mod game, turns the hiding side into ghosts, and the seeking side into Ghostbusters. The ghost hunters have to track down the ghosts, but the ghosts can use their props against the hunters – and at a certain point, the ghost side becomes super-charged gets to turn the tables and attack the hunters, like a reverse Pac-Man scenario.

Midnight Ghost Hunt has had a few closed betas but now developer
Vaulted Sky Games reveals that the game will release in Steam early access this spring – so, anytime in the next three months. This version includes seven maps, bots, voice chat, a custom game rules editor, and multiple weapons, perks, and abilities for both sides. There’s also a new trailer that sums up the game pretty well.

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This is great news, because Ghostbusters: The Video Game’s multiplayer mode isn’t ever coming to PC.

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