How to get a prop disguise in Fortnite

Where to find the NPCs that sell the prop disguise

A player is using a Slurp Barrel prop disguise in Fortnite while standing near a spire.

Want to know how to get a prop disguise in Fortnite? One of the items you can buy from certain NPCs in Fortnite during Chapter 2 Season 6 will turn you into a Slurp Barrel. As a tactic, just using the barrel for a few seconds to fool your opponent briefly might be enough to get the jump on them.

However, a challenge asks players to stay incognito for several seconds while staying very close to an opponent. This is probably the difficult bit as you must ensure that you’re not spotted, and since you’re an object that’s not normally found close to the NPCs that sell the barrels, it’s a bit of a tall order. Luckily for you, the barrel itself is smaller than your character, so you can just hide behind low walls instead, and as long as you don’t move, you shouldn’t attract too much attention.

While you work out how best to stay within 20 metres of your opponent for three seconds, we can at least help with finding the relevant Fortnite NPCs that sell prop disguises, including their locations, how much the prop disguises cost, and an explanation about things that can break the disguise immediately.

Where to buy the prop disguise in Fortnite

To get the prop disguise, you’ll need to buy it from one of a few NPCs scattered throughout the Fortnite map. It costs 75 Fortnite gold bars, and will activate immediately upon purchase. When you do buy a prop disguise, it’ll last until you shoot a weapon, you use another item, you are shot by an enemy, or two minutes have elapsed.

The player is about to buy a prop disguise from one of the five NPCs that sell it in Fortnite.

Here is the location of every NPC that sells the prop disguise in Fortnite:

  • Crustina: at the counter of Pizza Pit, which is just north of Colossal Crops
  • Raz: inside the tall building in the centre of Colossal Crops
  • Snow Sniper: the mountain due east of Retail Row
  • Jekyll: inside Steamy Stacks
  • Bushranger: the camp west of Pleasant Park

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