How to increase your Minecraft Legends banner size

Knowing how to increase your Minecraft Legends banner size allows you to take control of more mobs, ensuring that no creeper, golem, or zombie is left behind.

Minecraft Legends banner size: The chosen hero of Minecraft Legends, rearing on horseback with their banner held aloft as golem, creepers, and other mobs converge around them.

Looking to increase your Minecraft Legends banner size? While the Piglin invasion threatens to upset the balance of the Overworld we know and love, there are plenty of allies you can call upon to fight for you. The Banner of Courage is your primary tool for leading your troops into battle, but its limited range means your army can quickly expand beyond its perimeter, resulting in swathes of idle stragglers on the battlefield.

To avoid this situation, it’s vital that you upgrade your banner size before your Minecraft Legends mob limit. Commanding a wider variety of Minecraft Legends mobs provides a greater chance of success, so here’s how to increase your banner size in Minecraft Legends and prevail against the Piglins in the block-based RTS game.

How to increase your banner size in Minecraft Legends

You can increase the size of your banner by building the Banner improvement structure at the Well of Fate. This improvement allows an additional 15 mobs to rally around you at once each time it’s built, so we recommend saving up the materials required to upgrade it at the same pace as your mob limit.

Minecraft Legends banner size: The circumference of the banner's range is depicted in a purple ring around the player in an otherwise green meadow peppered with golems and other mobs.

The Minecraft Legends Banner improvement unlocks after completing the Night Beacon mission that appears early on in the campaign. If it doesn’t automatically appear on your hotbar, don’t panic – simply press ‘R’ to open up your journal and navigate to the ‘Improvements and Host Melodies’ tab to assign it. The Banner improvement costs 100 Stone, 100 Prismarine, and 25 Gold to build, so once you’ve gathered the necessary resources, place the structure on one of the plinths surrounding the Well of Fate to gain its effects.

That’s everything you need to know to increase your Minecraft Legends banner size and rally your army to beat back the Piglin hordes. Ensure you don’t get lost in the rabble with the best Minecraft Legends mounts to suit your needs, whether that be scuttling up castle walls or gliding from tall mountains in the open-world game. Alternatively, find out how to carry more Minecraft Legends resources, as well as the best farming locations for the elusive yet valuable Lapis Lazuli, both of which you’ll need for further improvements during your campaign.