Minecraft pros wanted by UK gardening site for landscaping advice

"Get paid to play Minecraft"

If you consider yourself a keen Minecraft player, you could get hired to give professional advice on the building game. The UK garden shed review site WhatShed is expanding into virtual gardening, and they’re looking for a Minecraft pro.

In an ad on the site, it says WhatShed is “seeking to recruit a collective of virtual landscape gardeners” to advise people who want to spruce up their Minecraft seeds. In the role, you’ll be expected to give “creative solutions” for clients that get in touch, making sure to “stay within their budget”, and that your reasoning holds up to scrutiny. Multiple options will be expected for each client you take on, encouragin whoever you’re working with to come back in future.

To qualify, creativity, confidence, and a firm understanding of Minecraft are needed, and it’d help if you understand gardening and landscaping in the real world, too. The job is remote, because visiting someone in Minecraft can thankfully be done anywhere you’ve an internet connection, you’ll get “valuable experience” dealing with clientele, and, most importantly, you’ll “get paid to play Minecraft.” Pay is £50 an hour, and you apply through the company’s website.

WhatShed is Britain’s “leading review site for all garden sheds for sale.” The description says the outlet is “dedicated to clearing up the confusion and providing a complete UK buyer’s guide for all the highest quality garden storage and storage sheds.”

There’s certainly plenty of potential candidates in the Minecraft community, like the person who built their own fictitious US city, or the people behind recreating Rohan from The Lord of the Rings. We can’t guarantee you’ll ever do it for money, but our guide to building a Minecraft castle might help expand your skills all the same.