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Minecraft just got an amazing new mob, available right now

Now available in Minecraft's 1.21 update snapshot, the bogged mob brings poisonous, arrow-firing swamp skeletons to the building game.

Minecraft adds new bogged mob in 1.21 update: A blocky, red-haired woman from Minecraft.

Minecraft has been around for nearly 13 years now, but Mojang Studio’s sandbox game still isn’t showing any signs of slowing down with the development of new additions and tweaks. The latest of these comes as part of the 1.21 update, currently available to test through Java snapshot, and brings shambling swamp zombies called the bogged to the game as a new mob to contend with in-game. Horrible stink monsters, it seems, are the nicest Valentine’s Day present a Minecraft player could ask for.

The building game‘s latest Java snapshot, now available ahead of Minecraft‘s 1.21 update, features the bogged as the latest mob to terrorize players. In a blog post announcing their addition, the bogged are described as a new take on the skeleton. They’re armed with poisonous arrows that will gradually wear away a player’s hearts, but, being undead and all, are so severely allergic to sunlight that exposure to it sets them on fire.

Apparently they’re easiest to find crawling out of the 1.21 update’s trial chambers, though players are encouraged to visit the swamp or mangrove swamp for the best chance to run into the bogged while they’re hanging out in their stinky home turf.

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The bogged join new 1.21 update mobs like the fan favorite armadillo and the Breeze as threats to watch out for in the blocky world of Minecraft.

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