Minecraft’s copper golem would be a DIY buddy who loves to press buttons

The copper golem is the third mob you can vote for during Minecraft Live this weekend

A cute 2D animation from Mojang showcases the copper golem in Minecraft.

Minecraft Live 2021 is set for this coming weekend, and Mojang has unveiled the final mob that will be on the ballot during the show. The glare and allay mobs were revealed earlier this week, and now the devs have shown off the third possibility for inclusion in the sandbox game: the copper golem.

The copper golem is a short little metallic humanoid that almost looks like a remote-control robot. As you might expect, it’s made completely out of copper, and you’d be able to build one yourself. Once constructed and brought to life, copper golems are a bit unpredictable – but one thing’s for sure, they love pressing copper buttons.

What copper buttons, you ask? Well, if the copper golem wins the vote this weekend and ends up being added to Minecraft, copper buttons would be added as well. Copper golems would excitedly press them at random whenever they’re around, which could lead to all kinds of interesting new contraption designs. You could, for instance, use copper golems to power a random number generator, for example.

Here’s Mojang’s cute little animated video about the copper golem:

YouTube Thumbnail

The thing about copper, however, is that when it’s exposed to moisture in the air, it oxidises over time. That means your copper golems will gradually develop a green patina and eventually completely freeze into statues. That’s a bit sad, so we’re hoping Mojang considers adding some metal polish or something so we can keep our little friends running in peak condition.

In addition to the vote on the new mob, Saturday’s show will also provide a fresh look at what’s coming in the Caves and Cliffs Part II update that’s on the way.