Minecraft’s new Crafter will revolutionize how you play

Minecraft hits the next crafting revolution, introducing the automated crafter, adding another method of automation to the sandbox game.

October 19, 2023 Test out The Crafter right now in Java Edition with Minecraft snapshots, or in Minecraft Preview!

Minecraft is about to embark on a crafting revolution as Mojang unveils the new Crafter during the 2023 Minecraft live event on YouTube. Players will have the power of automation at their fingertips with the introduction of the Crafter to the beloved sandbox game. This innovative feature promises to not only redefine crafting but also open the doors to an exciting world of automation within the game—-but how players will react to this new era of Minecraft is still a mystery.

Most Minecraft redstone engineers will rejoice at the announcement of the Crafter as the new feature is designed to automate the crafting process, streamlining resource management and increasing building efficiency in the sandbox game. Players will no longer need to manually arrange items in the crafting grid as the Crafter will cater to the players’ creative needs with a user-friendly, intuitive user interface (UI).

The UI is designed to empower both veteran Redstone engineers and newcomers who want to challenge themselves with something bigger than a dirt-based shelter. The Crafter will have toggleable slots in the crafting grid, providing an intuitive visual aid for players to understand the feature’s mechanics. When players encounter an empty slot in the grid, a simple click with an empty hand disables it, ensuring it won’t be part of your crafting recipe. On the other hand, clicking on a disabled slot enables it again, allowing players to define and modify crafting recipes with ease.

Minecraft Crafter - Interface for the new automated crafting tool powered by Redstone and revealed at Minecraft Live 2023.

The introduction of the Crafter is set to revolutionize crafting in Minecraft, offering new creative possibilities and enhanced gameplay experiences, although it’s difficult to predict whether all players, especially more experienced ones, will embrace the new feature from the get-go. Regardless, this new Minecraft feature is a game-changer that will unlock the doors to automated crafting and a world of endless possibilities for all players to try out.

Whether you want to use the new Crafter or disregard automation for the old reliable crafting system, we have a list of the best Minecraft seeds you can try out while playing to which you can add the best Minecraft mods, while also wearing the best Minecraft skins to impress your friends. To test out the Minecraft Crafter in-game right now, check out how to install Minecraft snapshots, and dive into the latest preview.