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Minecraft got cars, so Crossy Road was the next logical step

An impressive and complex Minecraft build by YouTuber Mysticat involves using command blocks and spawners to create a working version of Crossy Road

Orange and blue cars travel along streets laid out in Crossy Road fashion in a Minecraft build by YouTuber Mysticat.

Minecraft creators continue to astound with the things they get working in the blocky sandbox game. It’s proven to be a surprisingly robust programming platform, as demonstrated by this YouTuber who made a working car in the game. Well, that player is back, and this time, they’ve gone even further.

Crossy Road is a game where you play as a chicken that crosses the road, and could be easily summed up as an infinite version of Frogger. You just need to get the chicken to safety, but safety never really comes. Well, hot off the wheels of making a working car, Mysticat has now recreated Crossy Read in Minecraft, because they’re a very talented creator, and kind of a show-off (actually, we’re just jealous).

Mysticat once again goes through the details on how they do the specifics of this whole build to give an insight into the process. Despite writing about this stuff fairly regularly, it’s still astounding just how clever Minecraft creators are, because the complexity on show is well above what your average Minecraft player would believe possible.

It all comes together in the end with Mysticat inviting some friends on to try the actual game out. This is where the video shows off just how much fun Crossy Road would be if you were a sadist and didn’t have to worry about people surviving the roads.

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It makes for an entertaining ending, and we can’t help but wonder what Mysticat is going to do next. If it’s car-themed again, maybe we’ll finally see a return to the Burnout series.

In less car-driven news, you can now play with Minecraft mobs looking like Lego figurines if you prefer, fight evolving bosses, or just admire this incredibly impressive Star Wars build. Or not, we’re not your dad.

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