Every Minecraft farm gets built in hardcore by YouTuber

Minecraft farms are a key trick for players who value their time in the sandbox game, and this YouTuber set out on a quest to build all of them in one video

Minecraft farms have all been built by one YouTuber in hardcore. This image shows Steve in a farmers hat.

Minecraft farms are a hugely useful part of the game for players who want to take the grind out of grinding. While setting them up can often be a lot of work, they save you time down the line by constantly pumping out useful resources like emeralds, food, and experience points.

You’ve likely tried building your own Minecraft farms at some point, so you’ll know how much effort and time they can take to set up. It’s something players tend to do when their lives aren’t on the line, which would make anyone aiming to build any of them, let alone all of them, in hardcore far braver than your average player. Well, ezY is either very brave or, something else.

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In this ezY video, they show off a quick glimpse at their last video, where they rebuilt every biome in Minecraft while in hardcore mode, before showing off a bunch of farms. Just so many. We’re sure there are one or two weird esoteric options that have been missed, but if you ever wanted to see just how many Minecraft farms there are, this video does a good job of showing them off.

While things like the chicken farm and carrot farm are safe enough to manage, the further the video goes the harder things get and the scarier the farms become. There are a few terrifying moments while ezY is going out to gather resources, especially because it sounds like a Minecraft Warden wakes up, but they’re undoubtedly just built different because they never die.

If you’re a fan of farms then you’re probably also a fan of the best Minecraft seeds. If you’d rather never see anything again after reading that pun, at least wait until you’ve had a look at the best Minecraft builds before you give up on the internet.