Minecraft frogs – how to tame, breed, and make froglights

Minecraft frogs are one of the sandbox game's cutest mobs, and learning how to tame and breed frogs in Minecraft can get you plenty of bright froglights.

The three types of Minecraft frogs over a backdrop of a swamp biome, where the mob can be found.

Where can you find Minecraft frogs? With much of their utility added via the game’s 1.19.0 update in mid-2022, frogs in Minecraft have become a sought-after critter ever since. The Wild Update brought them into the fold, giving us another option for a tag-along pet, much like the cats and wolves that we’ve grown accustomed to over the years. Not only can they aid in combat, but they can be used to create Froglights, the brightest blocks in the game.

Being such a huge game with an equally huge following, this guide on Minecraft frogs barely scratches the surface of the game’s complex mechanics. On our Minecraft page, you’ll find guides covering anything from Minecraft seeds to popular Minecraft mods. Here’s everything you need to know about one of the most unique Minecraft mobs in all the game’s biomes, as well as how to farm Froglights of various colors to illuminate your world.

A Minecraft frog creates a froglight via a nether portal

Where to find Minecraft frogs

You can find frogs readily in Minecraft Swamp and Mangrove Swamp biomes. Frogs are never alone as they spawn in groups of two to five, making breeding them quite easy.

Minecraft frog types

The three types of Minecraft frog are:

  • Temperate – orange
  • Warm – white
  • Cold – green

The standard Swamp biome hosts the Temperate Frog, whereas the Mangrove Swamp is where you’ll find the Warm Frog. The third type of Minecraft Frog, known as the Cold Frog, cannot be found in the overworld. For that, you’ll need to have tadpoles grow into frogs in a colder biome like the Jagged Peaks, Snowy Taiga, or even The End.

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Can you tame Minecraft frogs?

You can’t tame frogs in Minecraft in the same sense as wolves or cats. They’re not as loyal and won’t stick around you long after you’ve presented to them their favorite items or food. But you can easily get frogs to follow you in Minecraft instead.

So long as you hold a Slimeball, any nearby frogs will follow you to the ends of the island. And because they’re always found in groups, it isn’t difficult to gather a bunch of frogs to take back to your camp for any reason. You can also attach a lead to a frog to transport it between biomes, or even to the Nether.

Breeding Minecraft frogs leads to frogspawn left on the floor

How to breed Minecraft frogs

Give two adult frogs a slimeball each to coax them into ‘love’ mode and cause them to breed.

Once a pregnant frog finds a suitable area with the right conditions, it lays a frogspawn that hatches into multiple tadpoles. These tadpoles can then grow into full-sized frogs. The type of frog tadpoles turn into depends on the biome they’re in when they grow.


Once a frog in Minecraft is pregnant, it heads to the nearest open water block that’s surrounded by more water, laying its frogspawn in this square. Once the frog eggs hatch after around ten minutes, tadpoles emerge and inhabit the small body of water.


After a period of time, frogspawn turns into tadpoles, with the new critters taking up the small body of water surrounding their birthplace. As more time passes, these tadpoles grow into frogs. Tadpoles can be collected and transported in a bucket and will take on one of three different color options depending on the biome they’re in when they finally grow into frogs.

Frog behavior and drops

On the surface and near water, frogs will roam the area, occasionally jumping onto higher blocks, a Lily Pad, or a Big Dripleaf, making them relatively easy to spot. Minecraft frogs move faster in water than on land but will typically remain on the surface, creating a ripple effect on the water you can look out for.

Around Slimes or Magma Cubes only, frogs in Minecraft will attack with their tongues, defeating those two mob types immediately, spawning either Slimeballs or Froglights, respectively.

Minecraft frogs can create froglights

How to get a Minecraft Froglight

A Minecraft Froglight can be spawned by having a frog attack a Magma Cube. The color of the Froglight drop depends on the frog type, as follows:

  • Temperate frog: Ochre (yellow)
  • Warm frog: Pearlescent (purple)
  • Cold frog: Verdant (green)

To have a frog come into contact with a Magma Cube, you need to hold a Slimeball when close to a frog, causing it to follow you. Head into the Nether with the frog by your side and reach a Magma Cube. Frogs see Magma Cubes as food, gobbling them up just like a Slime.

Just pick up a Froglight to add it to your inventory, then place it like you would any standard block type. If you need to move a placed Froglight, you can break them with any tool. Just break them, pick them up, and place them somewhere else.

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Minecraft Froglight farm

Farming Froglights in Minecraft requires the clever use of the Magma Cube spawner. These are typically found in treasure rooms in Bastion Remnants or fortresses in the Nether and can be disabled by building a block grid in the space directly above the Magma Cube spawner.

Once you’ve disabled the spawner, you can work to use Slimeballs or a Lead to bring frogs to the area. When they’re in position, remove the blocks to reactivate the Magma Cube spawner, generating Magma Cubes for your frogs to turn into Froglights. Frogs can only eat small slimes. Any bigger slimes that the spawner makes will need to be defeated manually. Building a block floor just beneath the spawner can force only Small Slimes to spawn.

For ultra-efficient Froglight farming in Minecraft, the community has banded together numerous times to share ways of manipulating Magma Cube spawners. You can break down the method into the following steps, using Powder Snow to filter out medium and big Magma Cubes that cannot be defeated by frogs:

  • Find a Magma Cube Spawner
  • Encase it and remove any lava
  • Use Powder Snow
  • Lay glass under the snow in a checkerboard pattern to allow only small cubes to spawn
  • Send in the frogs

YouTuber Shulkercraft also hatched a Minecraft Froglight farming setup that spawns around 5000 Froglights per hour in the Basalt Deltas area of the Nether. This one uses a complex minecart setup with rails, chains, glass, stone, chests, and hoppers. So while it’s not easy to recreate, it will generate far more Froglights for the time investment, dropping them into chests automatically. If you need thousands of Froglights, it’s the way to go.

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Are you still struggling with the Minecraft Froglight farm? You might want to check out our Minecraft Nether portal dimensions and calculator to understand the situation better. And if you can’t find the Slimeballs needed to breed the correct frog for your preferred Froglight, we’ve covered how to farm and find Minecraft slime, which you’ll need to entice those hoppy little creatures.