Minecraft frogs, how to breed, and where to find them

Minecraft Frogs are here thanks to The Wild update, and you can raise them from tadpoles to create three distinct variants with the right know how

A Minecraft frog sits on a lily pad in a swamp biome

Looking for more info on Minecraft frogs? Mojang announced the arrival of these cute little critters at Minecraft Live 2021, alongside more information about the (then) next Minecraft update, called The Wild. Also known as Minecraft 1.19, the latest patch released in May 2022 six months after Minecraft 1.18.

The Wild introduces a couple new Minecraft biomes to the open world game, including the mangrove swamp and the deep dark, where you’ll find the formidable Warden. Here’s everything we know about Minecraft frogs, including information on all the frog variants, where to find them, and how to breed more frogs, presumably so you can create a frog army.

How to find Minecraft frogs

Frogs can be found in the revamped swamp biome, they enjoy sitting on lily pads and will attempt to sit on big dripleaves. Unfortunately, these leaves aren’t sturdy enough for sitting, so they just slide off again. The swamp isn’t the only place frogs can live, though.

How to breed frogs in Minecraft

Breed your own set of frogs by feeding two frogs a slimeball – this causes the frogs to enter love mode. One of the frogs will become pregnant, this pregnant frog needs to find a water tile to lay frogspawn.

Minecraft frog variants

Minecraft has three types of frogs that live in different biomes: tropical frogs, snowy frogs, and swamp frogs. Tadpoles can turn into any of these frog variants when they grow up, depending on the temperature of the biome where you raise them.

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Minecraft tadpoles

You can’t have frogs without tadpoles, so expect to see swamp waters wriggling with life when The Wild update is released. Tadpoles can be scooped up into buckets and transported elsewhere, allowing you to relocate them to different biomes and raise other frog variants.

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