Everything you need to know about Minecraft frogs

There are frogs coming in The Wild update that you can raise from small tadpoles in ponds in different biomes to create snowy, tropical, and swamp variants

A Minecraft frog sits on a lily pad in a swamp biome

Looking for more info on Minecraft frogs? Mojang announced the arrival of these cute little critters at Minecraft Live 2021, alongside more information about the next big Minecraft update, called The Wild update. The Wild update will be update 1.19, and follows the second part of the Caves and Cliffs update, otherwise known as the Minecraft 1.18 update.

The Wild introduces a new biome to the open world game, called the mangrove swamp. In the mangrove swamp, mangrove trees grow from propagules you can plant both in water or on land. You can chop down mangrove trees for a new type of wood, and they are a particularly distinctive shape – their roots branch out in arches into their surroundings.

Another upcoming feature in The Wild update is the addition of tiny little fireflies that hover around swamp biomes, shimmering in the dark – and occasionally becoming tasty snacks for the frogs that hop around nearby. Here’s everything we know about Minecraft frogs, including information on all the frog variants and where to find frogs in Minecraft.

How to find Minecraft frogs

Frogs are coming to Minecraft alongside the revamped swamp biome, and we expect to see them most frequently by bodies of water in swamps. According to Mojang, they enjoy sitting on lily pads – and attempt to sit on big dripleaves, though unfortunately, these leaves aren’t sturdy enough for sitting, so they just slide off again. The swamp isn’t the only place frogs can live, though.

Minecraft frog variants

Minecraft has three types of frogs that live in different biomes: tropical frogs, snowy frogs, and swamp frogs. Tadpoles can turn into any of these frog variants when they grow up, depending on the temperature of the biome where you raise them.

In the Minecraft Live stream, Agnes Larsson, Minecraft game director, explained that each frog variant would have a unique characteristic and be helpful to the player in some way. However, the team are still working on the specifics.


Breed your own set of frogs by feeding two frogs a smileball – this causes the frogs to enter love mode. One of the frogs will become pregnant, this pregnant frog needs to find a water tile to lay frogspawn.

Minecraft tadpoles

You can’t have frogs without tadpoles, so expect to see swamp waters wriggling with life when The Wild update is released. Tadpoles can be scooped up into buckets and transported elsewhere, allowing you to relocate them to different biomes and raise other frog variants.

For more information on upcoming features in Minecraft, here’s everything we know about the Minecraft mud block and everything coming in the second half of the Caves and Cliffs update. If you can’t wait to leap back into the game right now, why not try a new Minecraft texture pack or explore a cool Minecraft seed for your next adventure.

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