Minecraft map helps raise a quarter of a million for charity

This Minecraft map hasn't just been fun to play in the sandbox game, but it's also helped raise a massive amount of money for charity efforts

Minecraft map helps raise a quarter of a million for charity. This image shows Steve holding a flower towards a bee.

A Minecraft map can be a lot of things in the sandbox game. You can play one that’s designed to scare you, you can find ones which present unique challenges, or you can even learn a thing or two. Well, it turns out you can also help raise a lot of money for charity using one too, which is nice.

We wrote about the Minecraft Mangrove Restoration Project map back in June when it was first announced. It’s a cool little map that has you helping to fix the environment by using the humble mangrove tree. The premise was simple; the more trees you plant, the lower the C02 levels would be, and the more wildlife would return to the area.

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Well, thanks to Minecraft telling us all about the importance of real-world mangrove trees, over $227,000 has now been raised to help The Nature Conservancy to fund part of the mangrove tree restoration efforts that are going on. It’s nice to just play games and not worry about the real world, but it’s always reassuring to see charity efforts like these take off thanks to gamers around the world.

The money is a combination of $200,000 donated by Mojang themselves, along with a host of different charity streams back in July that helped to raise the rest of the money. It’s a great cause, and seeing it be successful should fill your heart with a little bit of warmth. You can read all about it on The Nature Conservancy website.

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