How to find Minecraft diamonds in 1.19

Here's how far you'll have to dig to find the Minecraft diamond level in the 1.19 update, and everything you can make in the popular crafting game

Minecraft diamonds ores and lava

Looking for the best Minecraft 1.19 diamond level? You’ll have to dig a little deeper to find this rare mineral, but it will be worth it when you strut into battle donning your sparkling war attire.

Minecraft diamonds are used to craft high tier and extremely durable weapons, tools, and armour, and can also be used to create an enchantment table which is needed for Minecraft enchantments. You can also trade diamonds with villagers at Minecraft villages. You can craft diamonds in Minecraft from a block of diamond or by mining diamond ore. By using a block of diamond in the crafting grid, you’ll obtain nine diamonds. Here’s where you’ll find diamonds in Minecraft, as well as everything you can create using this rare and valuable mineral.

Minecraft 1.19 diamond level

The Minecraft diamond level is anywhere below layer 16, but the Minecraft 1.18 update modified ore distribution. Previously, diamonds spawned anywhere below layer 16 and were equally likely to appear on each layer. Now, diamonds still spawn below layer 16, but become increasingly common as you dig down towards the bedrock layer. The best Minecraft 1.19 diamond level is -59.

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Stay safe and watch out for lava, otherwise you’ll go up in flames before you’ve had the chance to claim your well-earned reward. If you want to get around the whole digging process, you can use the best Minecraft 1.19 seeds to find diamonds quickly.

The player has found some diamond ore in Minecraft. It's perilously above some lava.

Minecraft diamonds ore

You can mine Minecraft diamond ore using either an iron or diamond pickaxe, and it will drop a single diamond when mined. Remember, if you use any other tool, then the diamond ore will drop nothing. You can also enchant your iron or diamond pickaxe to drop an extra diamond, you’ll need to use the Fortune enchantment to do this.

If you’re after an ore block, then by using a pickaxe enchanted with Silk Touch, you’ll obtain an ore block instead of a diamond. You can also use a Minecraft blast furnace to smelt the diamond ore to obtain a diamond, if you don’t have an iron or diamond pickaxe handy.

Minecraft diamonds finder

As well as diamond ores, and without having to dig to middle-earth, here are the following loot chests you’ll have a chance to discover Minecraft diamonds.

  • Shipwreck treasure
  • Stronghold altar chests
  • Village chests
  • Fortress chests
  • Jungle temple chests
  • Desert temple chests
  • Mineshafts
  • Buried treasure
  • End city chests

Player is crafting a diamond sword in Minecraft. It requires one stick and two diamond ore to make.

Minecraft diamonds crafting

Here’s a list of all the items you craft using Minecraft diamonds:

  • Block of diamond
  • Diamond axe
  • Diamond boots
  • Diamond chestplate
  • Diamond helmet
  • Diamond hoe
  • Diamond leggings
  • Diamond pickaxe
  • Diamond sword
  • Enchantment table
  • Firework star
  • Jukebox

That’s everything you need to know about Minecraft diamonds. Once you’ve kitted yourself out, we would highly recommend trying your hand at crafting Minecraft fireworks for some spectacular fun – and a whole new way to travel. If you damage your favourite pair of diamond boots in the interim, you can also use a Minecraft anvil to repair diamond items. We also have a dedicated guide to Minecraft copper, the newest resource to be added to the game.