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Minecraft map turns haunted house into an escape room

This Minecraft map wants you to experience an escape room in the sandbox game, and you'll need to think with coding if you want to make it out

Minecraft map turns haunted house into an escape room. This image shows Steve scared in front of the haunted house.

This Minecraft map doesn’t just want to scare you, it wants to teach you a thing or two. The sandbox game has something to offer to just about everyone at this point and, while a little bit of horror might be hiding in this haunted house, it’s actually just a sneaky excuse to teach you things.

While a lot of people tend to just play Minecraft for fun, there’s actually a lot you can learn in it thanks to Minecraft: Education Edition. This is the version of the game that can be used in schools to help kids learn about all sorts of things from historical figures and maths, to science and things like coding. That’s exactly what this Minecraft map wants to teach you, too – because you’ll only be able to escape using coding logic.

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The Hours of Code: Escape Estate map is completely free, and tasks you with breaking out of Dr Breakowski’s mysterious mansion. Say the name out loud if you’re not in on the joke there yet, because we love a good pun. You’ll have to “Solve puzzles using computational thinking to unlock secrets, open trap doors, and reveal hidden clues.” It’s a fun little distraction, and a nice excuse to learn some new skill on the sly, and you can download it here.

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