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Minecraft player gets one year’s worth of XP in an instant

This Minecraft player saves up a year's worth of XP in a furnace and then pulls it all out at once in an intensely satisfying video, gaining levels quickly

Minecraft experience. This image shows the Gigachad body with Minecraft Steve's head.

Minecraft is a game where experience points matter, but not in the way you’d normally expect from a video game. While many games use XP to level up your character and buff their stats, in this sandbox game, you spend XP levels as a currency to help improve your items with a range of Minecraft enchantments.

Generally speaking, unless you’re using a Minecraft XP farm, the wonderful green orbs tend to trickle in rather than coming at you all at once. Even if you’re creating items, it’s hard to avoid picking up the experience orbs they generate if you’re nearby unless you actively lock them inside of whatever is creating them.

Doing so would mean that you can pull them all out simultaneously, and would result in one of those videos that feels like someone gently massaging your brain. Thankfully for the rest of us, that’s exactly what one Minecraft fan decided to do – and that means we all get to watch it without the hassle of actually putting in all of that effort.

I wanted to see how much XP would build up over a year of playing from Minecraft

Redditor JustinTimeCuber posted the video showing off a few things. First of all, it started with them wiping out all of their XP to make sure there’s no funny business in the final total of levels gained. Then they mess about with a specific furnace which has been smelting cacti for a year and turning it into green dye. Doing this releases the flood of experience orbs, and then they get boosted all the way up to level 226. We’d probably never recommend doing this yourself, but it does make for a soul-cleansing watch.

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