Minecraft builds see Redstone used by YouTubers to create MS Paint

Minecraft builds hit new heights as Redstone is used by YouTubers to recreate MS Paint, proving anything is possible in the multiplayer building game

Minecraft builds see Redstone used by YouTubers to make MS Paint: Minecraft's creeper and main hero stroll across the landscape

Minecraft builds have reached a new high as Redstone — which has already been used to recreate the Ghostbusters theme, a playable version of Dance Dance Revolution, and even real-world Redstone devices — has now been manipuated by YouTubers to make a fully functioning version of MS Paint, inside the multiplayer building game.

Microsoft Paint, or as many of us know it, “that program we used when we were meant to be doing IT lessons but couldn’t get on the internet”, has been upgraded a lot in recent years. Recreating the current version of it would be a tall task, even for the talented Redstoners of YouTube, so instead, MattBatWings and Sloimay have focused on the classic version, using it as the basis for cool and highly detailed project that really belongs on our list of the best Minecraft builds.

MattBatWings shows off the whole creative process. Building MS Paint isn’t something that they or Sloimay really plan, but raher decide to cobble(stone) together when they’re chosen to take part in a video for Sipover, the YouTuber who pits these two Minecraft Redstone pros against a team of normal people.

The features MattBatWings and Sloimay decide to implement are the brush tool, line tool, circle and square tool, and a sprite tool. It all sounds simple, but you need to keep in mind that literally none of this is native to Minecraft, and they have to build not only each of these features using Redstone programming, but also the screen itself. It’s another astounding example of the creativity of Minecraft builds, with MattBatWings explaining the features as they go.

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