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Minecraft players really want duck mobs to finally join the game

The Minecraft Mob Vote 2023 is almost upon us, and after what look like some teases from Mojang players really, finally, want ducks in the game.

Minecraft mob vote 2023 ducks: a Minecraft overworld background with a Minecraft Legends duck in the foreground

Minecraft Mob Vote 2023 is around the corner, and it seems like Mojang is teasing that duck mobs might finally be on the cards. Whether it is or not, plenty of fans are getting excited at the possibility of quacks dominating the overworld, in whatever form they take.

First up, Mojang reveals when you can expect the Minecraft Mob Vote 2023, which will both introduce you to and let you start voting on the next mobs to come to the sandbox game. The Mob Vote will start on Friday, October 13, and you’ll also be introduced to the mobs as part of the elimination process in the first week of October, with last year’s Minecraft Mob Vote 2022 giving us the Sniffer.

Now, ducks have been a heavily requested Minecraft mob for years, but they sadly never made their way into the vanilla game. Ducks can be pet mobs in Minecraft Dungeons, but their design here highlights what has kept them from the base game all these years. They basically look like spray-painted chickens. Or, do chickens in Minecraft look like ducks? Honestly, I’m not sure.

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The most recent Minecraft monthly heavily hints that something to do with ducks is coming, as a duck named Minecraft Legends (no, I’m not joking) dominates the show, and the quack sound effect gets used so much that I’m starting to hear it when I close my eyes.

Earlier this year a user shared the idea of ducks to the Minecraft feedback channel, and they had a great way of actually differentiating them from chickens.

“I believe bringing ducks into Minecraft would be a very nice addition. A passive mob that can be tamed and has the ability to help you fish,” they write.

“There can be multiple species of ducks such as mallards and pekins, and babies will be small and yellow. A baby duck always follows the mother duck. If a duck dies, it will drop feathers and duck meat. I believe adding ducks to Minecraft can be very beneficial for anyone building nature or parks in their world. They’re also a fun animal that can give a welcoming environment to any new player.”

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