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Minecraft mod turns it into a Total War game

This Minecraft mod adds in a whole new group of mobs who can build like you can and will try and fight back if you can't gain control of them

This Minecraft Mi Alliance Mod shows off the blocky creatures in front of some stone

Minecraft mods can do a lot these days, but some of the coolest ones add in unexpected features. Some let you see forever, some let you drive around in Mario Karts, and some turn the game into Elden Ring. The Mi Alliance mod is something entirely different though, and it’s awesome.

The Mi Alliance: Invasion! mod was released back in June, but it’s been updated steadily since then to help work out the kinks and even add new features. This Minecraft mod adds in new enemies called the Mi Alliance.

Aside from sounding like old-school Worms characters, the Mi Alliance is actually pretty formidable. For starters, they’re more than happy to build their own structures, which is odd enough on its own. However, they’re also a lot more intelligent than many Minecraft mobs, and will roam around the world in groups ready to fight anyone they come across. You can see them in action in the first trailer for the mod.

You’re not expected to face down these threats on your own though, and you can actually grow your own Mi Alliance and command them to fight on your behalf alongside you. The 2.0 update, which was released this week (July 18), adds even more to the mod, including more enemies, weapons, and ores, too. This even includes unique vehicles to ride on to help you explore, and new ruins to plumb the depths of.

It’s an intensely ambitious mod that really helps Minecraft feel fresh again for long-time players, and if the updates keep coming at this rate, you can expect it to grow into something truly exceptional as the months go by. It’s always nice to see a mod grow from something good to something groundbreaking, and The Mi Alliance: Invasion! definitely has that potential.

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