Minecraft mod lets you live your ninja way

This Minecraft mod gives you inhuman movement abilities to make getting around the Mojang sandbox game easier than ever, and even lets you see in the dark

Minecraft mod ninja. This image shows Alex looking up with a ninja headband.

A Minecraft mod is a great way to breathe new life into the sandbox game and can either completely revolutionize the game, or just add in a few quality of life changes. There are loads out there to explore, but sometimes the ones that just make you feel cool are the ones you should be using.

The best Minecraft mods can range from anything like adding Breath of the Wild mechanics to the game, to simply allowing you to look after your pets by teleporting them and bringing them back to life. If you can think of something, someone else has probably already created it. That’s why today we’re bringing you the good word of our ninja way. Well, technically it’s not our ninja way; it’s actually been made by GamerPotion, but you get where we’re coming from.

The DarkNinja – Status Effects mod allows you to upgrade yourself by standing on a crafting table and moving a Netherite Shovel from your main hand to your offhand. It’s a strange way to activate something, but we’re not here to judge what you do on your crafting tables.

Upon activating the effect, you’ll gain invisibility, increased movement speed, night vision, and a double jump. In short, it makes you harder to hit, makes it easier for you to see, and it makes exploration a breeze. It’s a fun little mod that you can download from CurseForge, and if you like it then the creator has a few other mods in the DarkRPG series that sound like a good time too.

Once you’ve finished up your ninja running, which should of course be done with your hands flailing behind, you should have a look at the best Minecraft servers to play on, and then try out some of the best Minecraft seeds too.