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Minecraft mod allows you to resurrect your pets

This Minecraft mod helps protect your pets by not only allowing you to summon them wherever you are, but even bring them back from the dead

Minecraft mod pets. This image shows Steve and some pets.

A Minecraft mod is a great and terrible thing. It should be feared because it can do anything as mighty as turning Minecraft into a Total War game, or even allow you to summon tools like a Skyrim player. It turns out that with the right Minecraft mod you can go even further than that and resurrect your much-loved pets.

Now, we know what you’re thinking: “You attractive and talented lot at PCGamesN think necromancy is okay,” and… you’re right, we do. Who doesn’t love a bit of raising the dead? If you can name one time that creating unlife has ever gone wrong for humanity then we’ll change our minds, but there isn’t one, and that’s doubly so when you’re talking about resurrecting your pets.

If you’re on board with all of this, then you’re going to want to install the Soulbound: Immortal Pets mod. Soulbound is a great mod for players who like keeping their pets by their sides at all times, and also protecting them from the horrors of the endless abyss that awaits us all after we kick the bucket.

Not only can you bring your pets back to life if they croak (assuming they’re not a frog), but you’ll be able to summon them to your side wherever they are, and even transfer them to a new owner. It’s a fun little array of features aimed at making sure your pet is always your best friend. You can download the Soulbound: Immortal Pets mod from CurseForge.

If you now want to go out into the world and make some new pets to resurrect, then why not use one of the best Minecraft seeds? You can also regularly find weird mods on some of the best Minecraft servers too, if you’re feeling like making things social.