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Poland is launching a Minecraft server for students stuck at home under quarantine

As part of a government program to keep students busy during the outbreak, Poland is going to run its own Minecraft server

Like many people around the world, students in Poland are stuck inside waiting out a mandatory 14-day quarantine to help curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. To help keep them occupied, the Polish government’s Ministry of Digitization is launching a Minecraft server.

It’s not a complete free-for-all, mind you. The Minecraft server is part of a program called Grarantanna, which is a whole series of online activities meant to both entertain and educate students who can’t go to classes during the quarantine. There are historical quizzes, puzzles based on logic and math, and even GMs and tools to use for online pen-and-paper role-playing game sessions

On the Grarantanna Minecraft server, students will be competing to build replicas of landmark buildings in creative mode, using an endless supply of resources and – hopefully – imagination. That competition gets underway today and runs through March 27. You’ll need a registered copy of Minecraft and a Polish student ID in order to join the Grarantanna server, and once you’re inside, there’s a code of conduct by which to abide.

Grarantanna is also running a five-day game jam as part of the program, with participants creating games themed around the concept of ‘promotion.’ Winners will be chosen at the end of the game jam, which is open to high school students up to the age of 19.

If you’re a student in Poland and want to participate, head to the official Grarantanna site to get signed up. Everyone else can go check out our list of the best Minecraft servers to get connected with some like-minded builders.

Top image is from a build of Krakow’s Market Square by PlanetMinecraft user Sphase, which is available for download here.