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Driveable Minecraft ship made entirely with command blocks

This driveable Minecraft ship isn't just a sight to behold in the sandbox game, but is also made entirely without mods and can be sailed around the world

Minecraft ship. This image shows Steve and Alex swimming while wearing pirate hats.

A full-scale, driveable Minecraft ship isn’t something you’ll see often. You’re normally going to be sailing around in a tiny boat in this sandbox game, and the idea of something more grandiose is likely to be condemned to ruins on the bottom of the sea, or to fan-built creations.

Thankfully for all of us though, Mysticat is out there in the world making truly absurd things and often only using command blocks to do so. Command blocks allow players to essentially program in new things, and when used correctly, can even make something as complex as Crossy Road in the game if you know how. Also, you can create giant pirate ships. Well, you might not be able to, but Mysticat sure can.

Mysticat’s latest video follows the classic template of talking about what they’re going to do, explaining how they did it, and then messing with other YouTubers. This one’s especially interesting though because the Minecraft ship is actually a lot larger than what command blocks were designed for, and it meant having to find some workarounds to get it to move as one entity.

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One thing that is worth noting is the sheer processing power that something like this requires. While cloning a car is child’s play for most PCs, cloning something that needs three separate command blocks is definitely a far larger task. It makes for a great watch, especially when Mysticat starts arming the pirate ship with cannons and unleashes fire on their friends. Look, we’re a sucker for a good Minecraft prank because they’re harmless.

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