New Star Wars Minecraft mod turns clouds into titles

Minecraft and Star Wars have come together plenty of times before but this unique take on clouds is the first of its kind and looks excellent

Minecraft Steve in front of Star Wars opening text crawl

Minecraft and Star Wars aren’t unfamiliar with one another. We got to see some amazing Star Wars Minecraft builds a few months ago thanks to a special competition, and we’ve even seen official DLC and the joys of a tiny voxel Grogu as a result. Well, this is another crossover, but this fan-made one mostly uses clouds.

Number1Nathan, a Redditor who presumably won their name in a giant battle royale with everyone else called Nathan, posted a video on the site talking about how you could texture clouds in Bedrock edition. This fancy cloud formation shows off the opening text crawl from Star Wars Episode IV, and it’s rather cool. While the text isn’t perfect, the idea it shows off has a lot of potential.

The video is taken from above the clouds, but TheSheriff240 posited it would be even more fantastic to set the time of day to night, flip the letters, and then stand underneath the text crawl with the stars as a background. The only other issue, really, is that the clouds are limited in width. It’s possible that messing around with the Distant Horizons mod would actually sort that out too, meaning you could view the whole thing in widescreen.

This is only the beginning of cloud texturing on Bedrock, but we reckon it’s highly likely to catch on and lead to some really impressive Minecraft builds and moments. After all, if people can get working GIFs into the game, we see no reason why the clouds can’t be the star of their own show at some point.

In other Minecraft news, if you’re keen to be on the cutting edge of Minecrafting then you’ll be glad to know that the 1.19.10 update is out now on Bedrock.