Minecraft builder wants to make the only mod you’ll ever need

Mojang's sandbox game Minecraft has produced many modders, and this one is hoping that Minecraft Ultimate will be the last mod one you'll ever need to download.

Steve from Minecraft

Minecraft Ultimate wants to be the only mod you’ll ever need for the sandbox game. In Mojang’s iconic Minecraft, there is never a shortage of content and mods coming in from the community to enhance players’ experience. There’s a variety of mod packs to choose from as well, combining fan-favorite mods into one accessible bundle, and now one modder is hoping to create the end-all mod experience with Minecraft Ultimate, a proposed mod that would include anything and everything players could ask for.

The builder took to Reddit to post their mod idea, dubbing it Minecraft Ultimate and asking other users what they have always wished to see in-game. No release date was specified, and the mod seems to be very much within its planning phase. Other fans quickly responded to the creator with a variety of suggestions, from placing a spyglass into a crossbow, to faster minecarts.

The modder specified that Minecraft Ultimate will not be a mod pack similar to already existing bundles and will not make use of already existing mods. Instead, it will be a standalone download inclusive of a vast array of features. From the comment suggestions, I can see a lot of good things that Mojang has overlooked being recommended, from previously forgotten mob votes to simply including more crop options.

Minecraft Ultimate logo

I am a bit skeptical of Minecraft Ultimate myself, in the spirit of transparency. As an avid player, I know the amount of work that goes into creating one mod, and one mod pack containing many. Aspiring to create an all-encompassing mod strikes me as almost impossible, as the whole point of mod packs is to include things that different players may want to experience. Everyone has different tastes.

However, that does not mean that Minecraft Ultimate cannot become a great foundation for other mods. Maybe it will include a good variety of features other mod packs singular mods have, allowing players to build upon it by downloading others. It could also provide the standard groundwork for future mod packs wanting those general elements while also looking to add more obscure ones to it if the post lives up to the promise.

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