One of Minecraft’s best mods has been updated for modern versions

The Aether mod for Minecraft allows players to explore an angelic realm that mirrors the hellish Nether. Be careful in the skies above!

The Aether, one of Minecraft’s most impressive historic mods, has been updated and fully remastered for modern Minecraft versions. The mod’s development team announced the release by launching a trailer reminiscent of classic Minecraft feature updates on YouTube.

The Aether was one of the largest Minecraft mods ever released when it launched back on July 22 2011. The lofty, ethereal realm of the Aether was envisioned by a collaborative team of modders as the polar opposite to the Nether.

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Players can reach the dream-like land by crafting a Nether-portal-like structure, but instead of using the infamous obsidian and flint and steel combo, they’ll need blocks of glowstone and a bucket of water. Once they step through the portal, players will find themselves in a beautiful-yet-hostile realm far above the surface world, that expands one of the world’s most popular crafting games far beyond the vanilla experience. Watch your step, else you plummet back down to the Overworld. Hope you packed that Elyta.

The mod’s development team promise that the original Aether mod’s features are all present, including a host of brand new blocks and items from the angelic dimension, four material tiers complete with their own tools and weapons, an accessory system that lets you utilize the loot found across the world, and three new dungeons to conquer, each with their own equipment and bosses to best.

The Aether mod is firmly among the best available for Minecraft, but if you want to delve further, take a look at our pick of the 36 best Minecraft mods available this year. Or if you’re still exploring the latest the base game has to offer, check out our guides to Minecraft villages, or how to find, breed, and tame cute Minecraft axolotls.

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