The next Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak update adds full hunter loadouts

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Title Update 4 is due out in February, and it adds a new hunter loadout feature that will make swapping gear and layers easier

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak update: A group of hunters in ornate gold and white armour stands in a city square talking with an older man who looks like an officer, he has a long grey beard and wears a fur-trimmed cloak, with a sword sheathed at his side

In the world of Monster Hunter, looking sharp is at least as important as keeping your blades keen, and the next Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak update is going to make it easier to do both. A new feature coming in Title Update 4 for the co-op game will allow you to create full ‘hunter loadouts’ that cover your hunter’s gear loadout, item selections, and layered armours.

Monster Hunter Rise has always allowed players to register loadouts for the kits they want to have on hand to easily swap in. However, these loadouts are currently divided up into three separate areas: there’s equipment loadouts for weapons and armour, item loadouts for things like potions and traps, and layered loadouts for the type of cosmetic transmogs that determine your hunter’s overall appearance.

When Title Update 4 arrives in February, you’ll be able to register all three of these together into a single hunter loadout, which will store each of the three component loadouts together – so swapping to any hunter loadout will swap in the gear, items, and look you’ve saved all at once.

The Monster Hunter team says it’ll be sharing more details every Wednesday leading up to the launch of Title Update 4 via the official Monster Hunter Twitter account, so you can check that out to stay up to date.

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