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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak prized pelt location and how to get more

Learn all about which small monsters drop the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak prized pelt, their location, and how to farm them via Expedition tours

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak prized pelt: two Anteka angrily charging at the camera.

Do you need to find a Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak prized pelt to complete your build? The expansion brings many new Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak monsters to the RPG game. It also brings new Master Rank hunts that give all existing monsters new moves and adds new tiers of armour and weapons, which you can craft with items salvaged from your defeated enemies.

These changes are not just for the larger wyvern-like monsters but also smaller critters running around each map. For example, one of the most coveted items is the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak prized pelt, which, like Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Awegite and Supple Piel, is essential for making some of the best equipment. In order to farm for these precious items, we recommend you go off on a Master Rank expedition tour when choosing a hunt via any quest handler. These expeditions allow you to keep hunting for specific small monsters, which will respawn after a short time, until you’ve filled your item slots with as many as you need.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak prized pelt - two Kelbi wandering through a stream close to a Palico dressed as Sonic the Hedgehog.

How to get Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak prized pelts

To harvest a Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak prized pelt, you must seek out one of two different types of small monsters in Master Rank hunts: Kelbi and Anteka. You can find both of them scattered throughout a few of the maps. They’re relatively easy to spot: the Anteka is a large moose-like creature, while the Kelbi is a cross between a deer and an antelope. Both of these small monsters appear in herds, and in the case of the Kelbi, attacking one will cause the rest to flee.

Prized pelts won’t drop every time you hunt them down, because there is only an 18% chance of getting this crafting material from the Anteka, while a Kelbi has a much-improved 45% chance. However, despite the numbers, there isn’t one that’s easier to hunt than the other, as Anteka are more common and slower than the graceful, if slightly more fragile Kelbi.

Here is where you can find Kelbi and Anteka to get a Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak prized pelt:

  • Anteka: Frost Islands – close to the main base camp, they’re in fields but not in the lake.
  • Kelbi: Shrine Ruins, Flooded Forest, and Sandy Plains – look in hidden nooks and crannies on the map to find their spawns.

Now that you know which small monsters you need to hunt to get a Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak prized pelt, it shouldn’t take long to get enough of them to make the best gear. It may take a while to finish the Sunbreak expansion, but once you do, here are some other games like Monster Hunter that you can play right now.