Monster Hunter Rise devs are revealing more Sunbreak details next spring

Capcom says "stay tuned" for more Monster Hunter Rise news when Spring 2022 rolls around

An outpost from Monster Hunter Rise's new Sunbreak expansion

While Monster Hunter Rise isn’t coming to PC until January 22, 2022, we are getting the Sunbreak expansion at the same time as the Nintendo Switch folk to bring some parity to the platform release schedule. The content timeline has been a tad confusing to follow so far, so it’s certainly appreciated.

We’ve only got the odd tease and trailer so far, but it looks like something more substantial is on the horizon. Developer Capcom has taken to Twitter to tell fans to “stay tuned” for more Sunbreak news when spring rolls around next year, which won’t be long before the planned summer 2022 release window. Director Yoshitake Suzuki also tweets that the team is “gearing up to share some great reveals”, so look forward to that.

“The entire development team is truly grateful for all the warm comments we’ve received since the announcement of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak”, says Suzuki. “We’re gearing up to share some great reveals with everyone next Spring. Stay tuned!”

We last caught a glimpse of Monster Hunter Rise’s Sunbreak expansion at the Game Awards earlier this month. The trailer was roughly one-minute long, giving us a quick peek at the Elgado outpost as a group of adventurers approached it from the sea.

We also saw a new monster called the Lunagaron, which has a slightly crystal-like appearance that gives it a glow in the night. If you fancy finding this one yourself, though, it looks like you’ll have better luck when the sun has set.

Capcom has previously revealed that Monster Hunter Rise will launch on PC with post-launch Switch content included, so you’ve got plenty to keep you going until Sunbreak releases. Unfortunately, the upcoming PC game won’t support cross-platform play or cross-saves between PC and Switch.

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You can find the Monster Hunter Rise system requirements here if you haven’t seen them yet. However, it doesn’t look like this one will be too taxing on your rig.