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Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord will “definitely” support multiplayer mods

mount & blade II bannerlord multiplayer mod

Speaking to us at Gamescom, Mount & Blade II’s lead designer Armagan Yavuz confirmed that the medieval strategy game would let players mod the game’s multiplayer.

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“Yeah, definitely,” Yavuz says. “We’ll have a matchmaking system, which probably won’t be supporting mods, but when players set up their own servers they will be able to use mods in multiplayer.”

The Mount & Blade series has always been fun in its vanilla form but it’s enjoyed a long half-life thanks to modders fleshing out every element of the game, adding new lands, armies, features, and improving the visuals across the board.

Considering the number of Game of Throne mods for Mount & Blade, this confirmation means we might one day be able to play out our fantasies of defending a castle against an army flanked by dragons.

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